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Mon December 07, 2009

Smoke-Free Style hits Kansai Scene (Smoke-Free Style Japan)

Smoke-Free Style hits Kansai Scene

This website appeared on the Feature article in November 2009 issue of Kansai Scene, a Kansai-centric free monthly magazine.

Please check it out.

posted by sam sam at 00:02:01 JST on Mon December 07, 2009 | Comment(2) | TrackBack(0) | blog | このブログの読者になる | 更新情報をチェックする
Comment(s) (この記事へのコメント)
Im an avid reader of kansaiscene website.. Japan's anti-smoking movement is something im glad about. having a non smoking and smoking area.

Posted by anishi_k at 15:47:19 JST on Wed September 22, 2010
im a regular reader of kansai scene. regarding the topic about smoke free in japan.. i like the idea of having a smoking area.<a href="" style="text-decoration : none"><font color="#000000">冊子印刷</font></a>
Posted by anishi_k at 16:19:49 JST on Fri September 24, 2010
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