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Wed April 08, 2009

Kanagawa Pref. marks a milestone to go passive-smoke free (神奈川県、受動喫煙防止へ第一歩) (Smoke-Free Style Japan)

Kanagawa Pref. marks a milestone to go passive-smoke free (神奈川県、受動喫煙防止へ第一歩)

The Kanagawa prefectural assembly passed the bill to prevent exposure to passive tobacco smoke in public places on March 24.

Based on the passed bill, the municipal smoke-free law will be enforced on April 1, 2010.

Although the law includes some exemption clauses, it will be approved in the long run.





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Comment(s) (この記事へのコメント)
What a joke!
99% of bars and restaurants in Kanagawa,
and other areas of Japan, are UNDER 100sqm
of space and so exempt!
It is IN those small restaurants where we
need to be FREE of SMOKE!

Posted by K Kato at 20:12:08 JST on Fri April 02, 2010
Thank you for leaving a comment. We hear that about seventy percent of bars/restaurants in Kanagawa have an area of less than 100 square meters.
Posted by sam at 12:11:20 JST on Fri May 28, 2010
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